You, a cowboy

Your target, some cows in a pasture


It's your job as a rancher is to get all the cows into the only patch of grass in a timely manner.

The only things between you and those cows are:

     -Your willingness to connect cows together with a rope

     -The cooperation of said cows

     -And the dexterity of your WASD clicking fingers.


Game submitted for GMTK game jam 2021

ART / SOUND FX - Mikale Redfern Forrest Mikelson


SOUND FX - Siggy


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Haha, really funny idea, but i have a few critique points:

1. The background looks really busy.

2. Maybe use different sounds next time.

Hope the feedback helped you, would be nice if you could check out my game "Square Pair" too. :)